Kifaru feedback

Just got this email from Kifaru regarding our Tipi review

Hi Mark – I’m not sure who to address this to, but wanted to thank you for your coverage of our Tipi and Stove system on your website. Glad to see the gear worked out so well for you.
We’ve put a link from our website to yours as a great resource for our own customers to learn more about winter camping.
Let it snow! Maggie with Kifaru

Here is the link to our site on the Kifaru site

I am another member of the Kifaru team.
Thanks for the nice little surprise. (review) We really appreciate that.
We found about from a person who called in to get a catalog.
We would like to know who the owner of this particular tipi is.
Just curious

Hi Janice,
Glad you liked the review and glad you guys put it up on your website. Glad we are driving some business your way too as we have been really happy with the Tipi. People think we are crazy for winter camping until they hear we have a heated Tipi then they want to try it out.
My brother and I are the ones that orginally purchased it.

Hi Mark,
How long ago did you get this tent?
Do you still have it?

Yes we still have it. Just used it on our last trip actually. We have a punch of pictures of us using it if you go to various trips on our expedition page starting with the second pond trip.

We probably bought it two and a half yrs ago.


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