Minutes from the WintersCampers.com Business Meeting

Whereas WinterCampers.com held its first 2005-2006 sanctioned trip on 5-6 November 2005; whereas there was a quorum of participants and whereas the founding charter members were present, in attendance it was decided to have a WinterCampers.com business meeting. These notes reflect discussions and decisions of the referred to business meeting.

The 1st order of business was to applaud the participation of Beth Spaulding, Path Finder, and Scott Handy, Fire Master in Training. Their contributions were appreciated by the group.

We noted the absence of WinterCampers.com participant Len Fudge. Mr. Fudge’s scalding and critical commentary on participation was particularly noted. The group paused to laud the performance of Mr. Handy in maintaining the group campfire. It was suggested that Mr. Fudge could be replaced on the home page by substituting his photo with the face of a newer, more consistent participant. Further discussion on this topic was tabled by the Founding Charter Members pending an upcoming performance review of Mr. Fudge.

The business meeting addressed marketing and promotion. Mr. Mark (Sparky) Spaulding was cited for his “wearing of the colors” in wearing his WinterCampers.com T-shirt. It was decided that further promotional efforts are warranted including items such as wicking t-shirts, car stickers, hats, patches, business cards, etc. Sub-committees were formed to explore these items to include:
• Matt Hay ­ wicking t-shirts
• Jim Muller ­ stickers
• Jason Katonica ­ patches
• Mark Hay ­ business cards and waterproof banner
Continuing the promotion discussion the group decided to reimburse Mr. Fudge the costs incurred in getting www.WinterCampers.com tattooed on a prominent portion of his body.

The business meeting turned to discussion of the web site with the following items discussed for possible action by the Web Master:
1) Re-design of all trip expedition photos to utilize Picassa
2) Re-design of the trip expeditions to be by year, by trip
3) Additional content such as:
• “What’s in your backpack”
• updated member profiles
• “Things that work”
• pro/con debates featuring guest authors addressing topics such as floors/floorless, snowshoes/skis, lean-to/tenting.
It was noted that authors and participation from the group would be requested by the Web Master.

There was a discussion of scheduling the next WinterCampers.com meeting over the Christmas ­ New Years Eve week with an action taken by Matt Hay to consult his schedule and suggest a possible date. Mark Hay suggested a January Martin Luther King Weekend trip as well. It was suggested that when preliminary information is available on this trips we will invite other participants such as Linda Murphy, the GO! Editor from the Utica OD and/or the Waldo group from Ohio.

The meeting was adjourned to the campfire, which was being ably attended by Mr. Handy.


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