Beyond Fleece Application

Our highly motivated webmaster, Mark, found an opportunity with the Beyond Fleece apparel company ( to get deals on their products. It seems to be oriented more to professional guiding services, however, we thought we would take a shot at acquiring a deal. Here’s an excerpt of our submission.

We are an active, well publicized outing club focusing primarily on winter camping. We perform the gamut of winter camping experiences from overnight trips to week long dog sledding/winter camping adventures.

We have an active web site ( We have been featured in regional and national publications.

We convey humor and a positive attitude about winter camping while advocating Leave No Trace (LNT) through our LNT certified trainers. was profiled in the USA Today’s “hot sites” section and here is what they had to say….”Enter the world of outdoor enthusiasts that would rather battle sub-zero temperatures than mosquitoes. chronicles the travels of these too-cool adventurers, with logs and photos of their winter camping trips. The site has gear reviews and features ideas (such as cooking meals in a zip-lock bag), a camping application for entry into the group and a funny winter camping poem. Informative and humorous, you’ll be motivated either for an adventure or a good laugh.” MB

We write gear reviews that have been published on manufacturer’s web sites as well as our own web site. Winter camping is gear intensive and we constantly search for new and improved products to assess.

Finally, we are tall. If you look at the opening page of you will see 6’5”, 6’4” and 6’6” tall people who are satisfied customers of the custom Beyond Fleece gear we have purchased to date.

Future: What are you planning for the future which may create photos, or stories of interest to Beyond?

We work hard to increase our visibility on the Internet. If you Google “Winter Camping” our web site is #11, we are #3 in the Yahoo search engine.

This year we have managed to incorporate several women into regular participation – not an easy thing – and can offer a feminine perspective on gear reviews. We have also planned a couple of our next major trips and we have plans to include an outdoor columnist for future mass trade articles.


Beyond Fleece accepted our application and has authorized us a 25% discount.
If anyone is interested in ordering something from let me know and I can give you the discount code.

Has anyone taken advantage of the Beyond Fleece Discount? If so what did you get? I think Mark and Matt bought some Beyond Fleece apparel, but I don’t know if they did it before or after the discount.

Any recommendations on stuff of their’s that you like?

When does our discount deal run out?

To my knowledge no one has taken advantage of the discount. Matt and I had each gotten our things before we had the discount. He has a jacket and pants I just have pants. I will probably get another item or two before next winter though.

The discount is good till next June but then it can be renewed for another year.

I used the discount and ordered a Cold Play Jacket. It took about 2-3 weeks from the time I ordered until it was delivered (yesterday). I plan to debut the jacket at our next outing.

I used the steel action shirt on our last trip and came away happy with my purchase. Great outer layer to use while hiking.


2 comments to Beyond Fleece Application

  • joakim diedrichs

    I am interested in finding a discount on the beyondfleece fleece that I have put together. Would it be possible to take advantage of your discount by ordering through you?

    thanks, joakim diedrichs

  • miguel


    Cool site! I live in upstate NY and hike the Adirondacks year round. Just last year, I started winter camping with my cousin, the only person I know brave enough to do this…nice to know their is a site for a newbie by people that know the area.
    I recently lost my GoLite Kinetic Jacket (Polartec Power Shield ultra light version) while hiking, and I am seriously considering the Beyond Cold Play or Cold Fusion jackets. I loved the Kinetics breathability, lightness and versatility, though sometimes wished it was a little warmer, for example during rest stops while snowshoeing.
    Im worried that one of beyonds jackets will be too warm while carrying a pack or snowshoeing. Usually, if my Kinetic was not warm enough, I simply put on my rain shell and it was perfect.

    Ok, thanks for any insight you have…