Interesting WinterCamping Web Links

Discovery Channel’s Winter Survival Game

Backpacker Gearcasts has a posted new educational videos on a number of topics: hoisting a pack, cleaning drinking bladders, using an outback oven, etc.

Backpacker Videos
Backpacker magazine has just added a video component to their website where they give gear reviews, some skills information (including snowshoeing and snowshoe repair), interviews, trail tours, etc. I watched the gear review clips that complement their December issue gear review articles. Check out

Advanced FireMaster Techniques
Required skills for any winter camper desiring “Fire Master” status – how to make fire from a can of coke and a chocolate bar and other unusual methods of making fire such as Fire from Water, Fire from Ice, Fire from Two Stones are described on this site.

Winter hiking tips & stories
Check out this link for some tips & near disasters

This could be a handy site for ordering individual items of things for camping. They have a full supply of small and lightweight food, personal care, and pharmacy items for camping, backpacking, or hiking.


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