ADK High Peaks UMP Factoids

The Jan/Fed 2008 Adirondac Magazine published by the ADK Mtn Club had an interesting article on the impact of Unit Management Plan adopted for the High Peaks region in 1999. There were some intriguing facts in Fred LeBrun’s article written:

  • In 1998, the year before the UMP was finalized, there were roughly 150,000 users in the High Peaks region. By 2001 the number of users was down to 120,000 and by 2006 the number of users dropped to 100,000. Part of this trend is attributed to the aging population who are now more likely to day hike than backpack along with populace not wanting backpack bear canisters.
  • Bear encounters have dropped since the institution of bear canisters with no hostile encounters reported in 2007.
  • The fire ban in the High Peaks was instituted not so much to reduce the threat of forest fires but to prevent the destruction caused by wood gathering.
  • A side benefit of the fire ban was the reduction of garbage, particularly glass, being thrown into fire pits.

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