Possible NYS Conservationist Article

A year or so ago I received an email from WinterCampers.com member Skip with a long list of recipients. One of the names caught my eye – Jim Clayton. I knew a Jim Clayton in college at SUNY Oneonta. Jim and I lived in the same dorm and had similar “outdoorsy” interests. Jim and I went on canoeing and camping trips. I remember a trip to FL over Christmas break where we stayed with my sister – then living in Tampa, FL. We borrowed a canoe and floated around in marsh lands where Jim took pictures of egrets and herons. He later framed these and gave them to my sister as a present (nice guy). I also remember at least one winter camping trip with Jim and my then current girl friend and a couple of snowshoeing trips. When the famous bar strip along Oneonta’s Broad Street was to be renovated Jim and I went there with a loaded tool box prepared to hoist the Broad Street sign. It was almost a disappointment that once someone was standing on my shoulders the sign could be lifted out of it’s holder and removed. I believe it was kept by Jim. Jim shot pictures of Kathryn and I sitting outside that my brother used and printed as thank you notes for our wedding- a handy guy with a camera.

Anyway, I wrote this this email address inquiring if it was the same Jim Clayton I previously knew and sure enough it was. We caught up on the 30 years that had transpired since graduation. It turns out that Jim is a photographer for NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and contributes to the NYS Conservationist Magazine. Recently he asked about WinterCampers.com contributing to the February ’09 edition of the magazine by contributing a story and pictures.

Most of the pictures taken on our trips have been by Mark, Matt or myself using point and shoot digital cameras in the 3-5 megapixel range. Matt’s camera may offer higher resolution. At this time we are trying to determine whether our current stock of pictures will be suitable for publication in the NYS Conservationist or if it will be better for Jim to accompany us on an upcoming trip so he can shoot some photographs for the article.

If you have high quality pictures of one of our winter camping trips, let me know so we can consider them for our possible article.



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