10 Essential Outdoor Survival Items

WinterCampers.com has it’s own list of the 10 Essentials to be included in your backpack or daypack.  Recently Wired magazine published their list of 10 Essential Outdoor Survival Items.  The table below depicts the difference between Wired’s list and WinterCampers.com.  Clearly, Wired does not place a premium on navigation as they do not include a map or compass on their list.  I suppose the trash bag could double as rain gear.


Wired Magazine

Flashlight Flashlight
Extra Food High Calorie Protein Bars
Rain gear & extra clothes
Sunglasses & sun screen
1st Aid Kit 1st Aid Kit
Knife or Multi-tool Knife
Fire starter and matches Butane Lighter & Tinder
Water and a way to purify it Water purification supplies
Plastic Trash Bag
Backpacker Hammock
Metal cup or can

What do you think?  What would you include/leave behind?


3 comments to 10 Essential Outdoor Survival Items

  • Interesting list. What is Wired thinking? Hammock? Butane Lighter? But no Map or Compass?

    That’s crazy.

  • Guys, all these items will be useless if you do not have the one and the only truly essential survival tool on your person – knowledge in your head. If you have that, anything else could be improvised on the spot.

  • Stan

    I would not have thought of the hammock. I would add foil emergency blanket. Fire starter and matches (in a match safe of otherwise waterproofed) are probably superior to butane lighter.
    I would have said “water OR a way to purify it.”
    I would have said “flashlight, plus extra bulb and batteries).