It’s the Journey, Not the Destination.

The credo was really founded and formally expressed during a trip to Peaked Mountain. We first visited Peaked Mountain during an intensely cold day in January as a day hike.

The Peaked Mountain trail to the pond is an easy 2.5 miles and leads through a pretty mixed hardware and coniferous forest. The summit of Peaked Mountain is at 2,919 feet and the last third of a mile is rough climbing to ascend the last 600 feet. This last part of the ascent can be slippery depending upon snow & ice conditions.  The views from the summit include Peaked Mountain Pond and Big and Little Thirteenth Lakes.  There are also views of the Adirondack High Peaks to the north.   A more complete trail description is available from the ADK trails guide.

A few years later we decided to follow it up with an overnight camping trip. Unfortunately we got a late start and did not reach the ascent. Here the group eyes the destination.


It was at this point that we started to focus on the experience and less on the accomplishment.

Prior to this trip most of our overnight trips had focused on staying in lean-tos. This trip was notable in that it initiated a tent camping phase. Mark and Jason shared Mark’s new tent and Jim and Matt used the Megamid Tipi for the 1st time.

That night we cooked Wergin’s Kielbasa over an open fire during light snow fall. More pictures are available.


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