What Coyotes Won’t Eat?

This past weekend we hiked into Tenant Creek waterfalls for an overnight camping trip.  On our hike in we passed a deer carcass that appeared to be a recent coyote kill.  In my experience coyotes eat and clean up almost the entire carcass.  The picture below shows the widely scattered deer hair, a few bones and bits of hide.  It is possible that portions of the carcass got washed downstream during a flood stage on the Tenant Creek earlier in the week.

What we couldn’t figure out was the brown lump shown in the middle of the picture that wasn’t eaten by the coyotes.  Upon closer examination it was the partially digested twigs, buds and browse that was in the deer’s stomach.  At this time of year the deer exist largely on browsing twigs – a fare with so much roughage even the coyotes won’t eat it.


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