How-to: Pre-trip Coordination

This is a good example of a pre-trip coordination email sent by Murphy’s Lake trip organizer Mark. It gives meeting times, coordinates travel, shelter and food groups, gives directions and trail mileage all with a dash of humor. Good Job, Mark!

Good morning WinterCampers!

Last evening I had a very nice conversation with the patriarch (Uncle Jim) of regarding the plans for this coming weekend. After coming up with a plan with him I then called my brother Matt to finalize these plans and make a few adjustments.

Here are the final arrangements. We will plan on meeting at 10am this Saturday morning at the trail head. Matt, Chris, Sparky and Beth will be meeting Uncle Jim and Skip at the trail head on Hope Falls Road. The four of them will then pile into the back of Uncle Jim’s truck and bounce their way to meet Danielle, Mark and our dog Natalie at the trail head on Pumpkin Hallow Road where we will begin our trek.

It is approximately 3.8 miles per the trail guide to the lean-to at Murphy Lake where we will camp. Some can stay in the lean-to and some in tents. I believe Matt has a new space age tent he is looking forward to trying out and will have room for one in that tent. I plan on bringing my tent which Danielle, Natalie and I will be staying in unless we bring the tipi then a few people can stay in the tipi with us. It is a very nice lean-to though if some people want to stay in that and don’t care about leaving the security of a nylon tent. :-)

The next morning we will then hike the second leg which is also 3.8 miles back out to Hope Falls Road where a car will be waiting to take myself and Uncle Jim back to get our cars.

Everyone should bring their lunch for Saturday and breakfast for Sunday. We talked about 2 cooking groups for dinner: Uncle Jim, Skip, Danielle and I as one group then Matt, Palmer, Sparky and Beth for the other. Dinner is not a cooking contest though according to Uncle Jim. (RIGHT!?! ;-)

Members of the Great East Floyd Chapter should meet the Sprakers Chapter and Friends shortly before 10am at the Murphy Lake Trailhead on Creek Road.

Per the Southern Region Trailguide…To reach the trailhead take NY 30 N from Mayfield. After crossing the bridge over the Sacandaga River at Benson, drive another 4.1 miles and turn right onto Creek Road. Proceed up Creek Rd for 2.3 miles to the trailhead on the Left and you can park on either side of the road. After spotting a vehicle there the crew should then head to the trail head at Pumpkin Hollow Road. Go back onto 30 and head north. Pumpkin Hollow Road will be on the right 3/10ths of a mile after a sign for the Town of Wells near a large building. Continue on Pumpkin Hollow Road for 1.6 miles till the trail head on the left.


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