Snowshoe Regulations in the High Peaks

Kevin, over at the Adirondack Forum, has a lengthy post on his recent arrest by a DEC Ranger for being in violation of the snowshoe regulation in the High Peaks.  The post consists of two components – the initial  violation cited by the Ranger and Kevin’s “civil disobedience” in trying to avoid a ticket.

The violation was to “vii. fail to possess and use skis or snowshoes when the terrain is snow-covered with eight or more inches of snow;” with the intent of preventing post-holing on trails.

There are over 100 posts in response to Kevin’s initial posting most addressing the civil disobedience aspects of the situation.  This misses a valuable point – the High Peaks are such a heavily traveled area that regulation after regulation is necessary.  I, for one, was unaware of this regulation and I am again reminded why tends to avoid the High Peaks region when a back country experience is desired.


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  • We don’t hear the details of such incidents or get to have a conversation at length about it. Pretty interesting.

    I agree, if we do the High Peaks at all any time of year, it is a rare thing. If you want to do the most popular trail in the Adirondacks, then I guess the odds of law enforcement and rules increase greatly.