Sparky Poses on the Top of Baldface Mountain

During the summer one has to take a boat across Indian Lake or endure a long hike/bush whack to reach the trail to Baldface Mountain.  During the winter it is a straightforward walk across an ice covered lake and a short walk to be rewarded with an excellent view.

A lot of winter hikers do this as a day trip.  We opted to bring along the tipi and set up camp lower in the woods for an overnight stay.  We hiked to the top of Baldface Mountain and enjoyed our lunch in the sun.  Like Sparky below, we posed for pictures.

Camping in the tipi at night we had beerwurst and Jiffypop heated on the stove.  We listened to Prairie Home Companion on the radio.  Later at night we heard the snowmobiles race up and back on Indian Lake until well past midnight.


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