What stove do you use for winter camping?

Views from the Top ran an interesting survey last winter asking participants what type of stove they used for winter camping.

Not surprisely, the overwhelming majority of the 62 participants declared for a liquid fuel/white gas stove.  They are reliable in cold weather.

The interesting part to me were the number of participants that cited success with canister stoves.  From April through November I use a MSR Superfly stove that adapts to any Lindal valve type canister.  But several posts on this forum gave advice for using a canister stove in the winter including: sleeping with the canister or stowing it within a down bootie, pre-warming the canister, using an insulated pad and windscreen during burning to keep the canister warm.  The convenience of the canister stove certainly makes me want to try extending my use of it a few more degrees. Follow the link to the rest of the discussion.


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  • Jane

    Surprised no one mentioned portable wood stoves like Four Dog Night in the survey. Mines titanium, floats along on my toboggan, turns my tent into a sauna. Not totally ultralight though because you are going to want to bring a saw and maybe an ax, but you know what they say about firewood warming you twice. . .