Long Live Sastrugi

A long time winter camping / web colleagues, Sastrugi, has shut down.

Visiting the web site now reveals “After more than a decade on the Web, Sastrugi.com is being put away in the great gear closet for discontinued Web sites.  I don’t have the time to keep it updated, and frankly my winter-camping skills are rusty. Thanks to everyone who has visited and written me.  I may, one of these days, start a new venture here.  Stay tuned…

Named after a pattern of old, windblown snow waves Sastrugi provided solid winter camping advice with a good dose of humor from January 1999 through January 2008.   Sastrugi provided inspiration for our WinterCampers.com efforts.

Sastrugi provided one of the all time great tag lines embodying the spirit of winter camping: “The pipes are iced solid, the car won’t start, the dog’s got his tongue frozen to the food bowl… Hey! Let’s go camping!”


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