Sponsorship of our Next Expedition?

Mountain Hardwear is seeking applications of individuals going on an expedition for potential sponsorship.  I think they are looking more for a “Scale Mt Everest Barehanded” type application.  But maybe we could make our WinterCampers application humorous and convincing enough (‘the common camper’) to give us some consideration.  Any ideas?
Mountain Hardwear’s Application is repeated below and can be downloaded here.
Application for Sponsorship 2009

Background:  Mountain Hardwear was founded by a small group of people who are passionate about mountaineering and outdoor adventure. Our products are created for the specific needs of mountaineers, climbers, and people who backpack or travel in the backcountry. Mountain Hardwear’s sponsorship program was founded to encourage people to explore the outdoors and to push our products to perform in physically demanding environments.

Criteria: Our sponsorship committee evaluates applications based on many criteria, including:
•    Appropriateness of activity for using Mountain Hardwear gear
•    Originality/uniqueness of project
•    Demonstrated achievement in previous expeditions, including leadership skills, physical accomplishments, special recognitions/awards, and published works
•    Level of safety versus level of risk involved (ability of leader to recognize dangers and prevent mishaps)
•    Level of physical challenge
•    Environmental and social responsibility

Deadlines: Send this application and any supporting materials to Mountain Hardwear, Attn: Sponsorship, 1414 Harbour Way South, Ste. 1005, Richmond, California, 94804; fax to 510-559-6709, Email- sponsorship@mountainhardwear.com. Materials must be received by November 15, 2008 to be considered for sponsorship in 2009.

Please note: If your project is awarded sponsorship, you will be expected to carry out the project as outlined in this application, and will be asked to use Mountain Hardwear products and provide comprehensive feedback. We will also ask you to provide photography and video usage rights to Mountain Hardwear for a period of two years.

Please answer all of these questions as concisely as possible.  In addition, it is helpful if you send us any maps or literature that may help us evaluate your project.

Mailing address:
Country:        Zip Code:
Telephone:                Fax:                E-mail:

Project or Organization Name:

Start date:                End date:
month/day/year            month/day/year

What is your goal (a one-sentence description of project)?

What makes your project original?

Are you seeking products, funding or both?

Budget (in US$):

Please give a detailed budget breakdown, including any funding you’ve already raised:

Other sponsors (financial or equipment):

If you are seeking products and have specific ideas in mind, please list what you think you’ll need from us.  Mountain Hardwear makes tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, waterproof outerwear, insulation, underwear, gloves, gaitors and hats (see our website at www.mountainhardwear.com for a complete catalog).

Detailed itinerary/schedule:

At what stage are you in obtaining necessary permits?

Explain the research you’ve done in preparation for the trip:

List team members and their qualifications (it’s helpful for us to see a resumé for each team member):

What makes you think your goal can be accomplished?

List at least two personal references:

Name:                            Phone:
Name:                            Phone:

What is your plan for publicity (articles, books, television, etc.)?

Will you be generating professional photography or video?  If so, what?

How did you hear about Mountain Hardwear?

Why should Mountain Hardwear sponsor you?

Please attach any additional information you think might help us evaluate your project or organization.  Thanks!  We’ll get back to you by December 15th to let you know if we’re interested.


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