Timex Expedition Watch Received

As one of the 15 Finalists in the Return to the Outdoors Contest we won outdoor gear featuring products from The North Face, Camelbak, Timex and Ahnu footwear.  Friday I received the Timex Expedition Adventure Tech Altimeter watch.

It is a heavy watch; in addition to date/time functions it has temperature, barometer and altimeter functions. I can see using the watch on a winter camping trip merely to utilize temperature functions.


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  • hello wintercamping guys
    would like some help.We are group of native american walkers that are walking as a fundraiser back to Az. starting from maine june 16 2008 and we are now in NY. state going to buffalo ny where we are going to stop for the winter. we are not there yet , it getting cold for us desert people and we are trying to find a good warm tent , i read your blog and saw the report on the kifaru tipi , so we tried to buy one but was told it’s going to take 8 weeks to get one , we are hoping we would be in buffalo by then, so we are wondering if there is anyone you might know that might want to loan our group a 12 to 8 person kifaru tipi for the rest of our walk to buffalo. please if you could share this info to your winter camping friends we would be so thankful . please also take a look at our website http://www.thewalkhome.org to get more info about our walk home, you can email me if you have any leads on a kifaru tipi .
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