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Christa ( writes:  We are a family of four wanting to get into winter camping and we are located in Maryland.  Our past camping trips have mainly been to state parks which all close for the winter, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for locations for us to winter camp?

Jim Rausch ( ) writes: Hey folks, Unbelievably great site!! I’m a Scout leader in Maine and was looking for something to present about Winter Camping that wasn’t just the usual same old thing. Basically, everything I could be looking for is here. Found your site by starting at ScoutsNewEngland and kept going…. You bet it’s tagged as a favorite now, and I’ll share it around. Keep up the good work!

Matt Pietryszyn ( writes: Hi Jim,I hope you don’t mind, I placed your winter camping video on our blog site: I’ve made sure to link back to We really like your site – lots of great info. By the way – you could win a gps receiver at just by submitting a campsite review – if we don’t have the campground or location in our system – you can add it! Happy Camping! Matt –

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