Winter Camping Training available at Fontenac Park

The Ontario Parks Commission is sponsoring winter camping training at Fontenac Park.

Winter Camping Trip Planning (01/17/2009)

Accurate pre-trip planning can minimize many of the discomforts associated with extended forms of back country travel during the winter. This presentation provides the novice and the experienced tripper with the opportunity to share ideas and concerns about low-impact winter camping and trip planning. Topics include; route selection and assessment, equipment construction and appropriateness, menu planning, physical fitness and conditioning, safety, and the different forms of winter travel. A portion of this presentation will be held out-of-doors, so please come dressed for the weather conditions and the trails. NOTE: this workshop is a prerequisite for the winter camping instructional weekends. Location: Park Office/Trail Centre Time: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cost: Park daily vehicle permit.  Register early – space is limited for this session. Please call (613) 376-3489.

Winter Camping Instructional Weekend  (01/31/2009 to 02/01/2009 and 02/07/2009 to 02/08/2009)

Two weekend sessions which are designed to introduce participants to snow houses, tents and general winter camping skills. Learn how to stay warm, prepare meals and use a map and compass. An equipment checklist will be provided. Food is included in the course fee. Register early – space is limited for these sessions.  Maximum 12 persons each session. NOTE: The Jan 17th planning workshop is a prerequisite for winter camping instructional weekends #1 & #2. Cost: $60.00/person plus interior camping fee (food is provided) Time: 10 a.m. Saturday to 3:30 p.m. Sunday.    Please call (613) 376-3489.snowyg


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