Snow Snakes

I went on a nice snowshoe hike today and encountered two snow snakes lying in wait for me to pass underneath where they could attack.  I suspected the larger of the two was the mother teaching her offspring proper technique for a tree limb ambush.


The smaller snow snake posed no danger as I could easily skirt it.



2 comments to Snow Snakes

  • Never have seen anything like that before.Are you sure they were snakes they look like a rope covered with snow.

  • Ed

    Read your article in the NY Conservationist. Loved it! Searched your website and couldn’t find extensive information on this: Winter camping with a dog. We have a 6 year old Italian Spinone who by some quirk is flat-coated. Could you please suggest articles or perhaps a book about winter camping with a dog like this? P.S. In July, I turn 60 and one of my goals is to winter camp with my dog before turning 61. Thank you. Ed