Paths, Peaks & Paddles/ Winter Camping 101 Class

Paths, Peaks & Paddles in Rochester, NY is teaming up with Williamsville Community Education  to present a Winter Camping 101 class.  Come out and learn how to camp in the winter. Over the a course of 5 Wednesday evenings you will learn how to: travel, camp, cook, prepare meals & be warm.   Then take your training outdoors for a week-end.

Cost: $133.00 Camping fee $95.00 (covers 2 day & 1 evening adventure) Dates: 1/28/09, 2/4/09, 2/11/09, 2/25/09 & 3/4/09 (indoor classes) Camping week-end 3/7/09—location to be announced.  Sign up by phone at 716-626-8080.  For more information details on the trip please contact Paths, Peaks & Paddles at 716-213-0350 or email:


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