Entertaining Winter Camping Videos By Shug

Sean “Shug” Emery is juggler and entertainer by trade and he has a series of entertaining videos on posted on YouTube. Sean is based Roseview MN so his winter camping experience is authentic.

My favorites are

Winter Warmth Accessories In this video Shug walked to a stealth site near his home  on 15º day. He cooked lunch and hot cocoa on an alcohol stove, sat in his hammock and talked about wrist warmers, gaiters, gloves, and balaclavas.

A Northern MN Three Night Winter Trip The first video he tests his winter clothing, his homemade pulk sled, and reviews the contents of his pack.  The 2nd video is from the 2 night and 3 day trip on the MN Superior Hiking Trail sleeping in hammocks in -26 degrees.

Talking Tarps is his most recent video where he adapts tarps for winter camping.

You can (and should) check out the whole channel of his videos.


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