Winter Camping on Long Pond

Sarah  at what we have here is a failure to communicate caught my eye with this great photo from her recent winter camping trip to Long Pond.


Her post clarifies it all ” I went camping over my weekend with my boyfriend. Dragging two sleds and carrying backpacks, we trekked across Spring River Lake, tromped through the woods, skid across Tilden’s Pond, tromped through more woods, and arrived finally at Little Long Pond – the one in T10 SD, not to be confused with Little (Horseshoe) Pond in Franklin, nor Long Pond in Seal Harbor, nor Long Pond in Sullivan, nor Long (sometimes called Great) Pond in Southwest Harbor, nor the Long Pond in Bucksport, etc.” Oh – That Long Pond………

She gets it.  “I always take delight in camping trips, but winter camping has it’s own extra benefits. I always get a little nervous before going, but am at the same time so excited. It’s harder, and takes more planning, more precautions, more clothing.

I suppose if you haven’t done it, it’s hard to explain. Why would you want to spend a couple of days outside in 20 degree weather, sinking up to your knees in snow, skidding around on ice, singeing your eyelashes on sparks from the fire, and a couple of nights curled in a ball trying to keep your nose warm and your toes touching the hot water bottle at the bottom of your sleeping bag, hoping you can hold your bladder for a couple more hours, at least until it stops snowing…?  I can’t really explain WHY anyone would want to do that. I can only report that I sure had a fun time doing it, and I can’t wait to go again.

You can read the whole posting here.


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