Recent Winter Camping Posts


Tjamrog’s Weblog “Living large while walking the big Trail” describes a 5 day winter camping trip snowshoeing across Moosehead Lake pulling a waxed bottom, wooden toboggan loaded with a 17 pound, 9 x 12 Egyptian cotton tent, the box stove,  5 lengths of stovepipe, and the tent fly and three boxes of food, a couple of sleeping bags, sleeping pad, pots, pans, a griddle, candles, and a variety of iPods.  They hot tent; burning their stove during the evening and letting it go out at night to conserve firewood.  They get their drinking water from  a hole chiseled through the ice and don’t treat the clear cold water.   A subsequent post reveals giardia symptoms started exactly 10 days after returning from his trip, consistent with the incubation period for this nasty intestinal parasitic traveler.  A detailed report trip report is available here.


Ride the Beav reports an entirely different style of winter camping trip as  Mike Devloo and Jason Schlarb ski and camp a winter route between Avon and Aspen, connecting two famous Colorado ski towns, going beyond the Beaver Creek Ski Area.  They encountered days were blessed with beautiful views and weather so warm at midday they were sking in shorts. However each night was below freezing leading to a frost covered tent and frozen boots did not promote early starts.  Trip report and pictures are available here.



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