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Rich Staats from said Thanks for the link to ride the beav. Great Site! I’ll be checking this out regularly.

Ed from commented Thanks for more blogs to clutter my reader too.  Thanks for the reminder…we were on Greylock 3 weekends ago and I still haven’t put up pics, lol. Thanks for more blogs to clutter my reader too.

Luke (lukee1982) commented on our photographic antics in How To Take A Group Photograph may solve some of photo needs

Don Watson said  I have heard really good reports concerning Western Mountaineering sleeping bags.
You have a great web site here, and quite comprehensive, though I wonder why you don’t have more on traditional warm-tent camping with a canvas tent and wood stove?

Rick Brown said Nice website. I wanted to start winter camping this year but it’s not something my friends and family are jumping at. Did it a couple of times when I was a teenager (Sudbury area) and would like to do it again. From April to October I summer camp (almost every weekend). Thanks

Tammy D. from responded: Hi Jim: You left a comment on my blog regarding using some of my photos for your website. Feel free to use them (my husband will be so excited!). In regards to linking to my blog, it would be great, but I doubt your readers would find much interest. As much fun as our snow camping trip was, it probably will happen but once a year. I’m passing your website onto my husband, though. He’ll love all of the information you provide!
Thanks, Tammy D.
ps. Love the photos in this post…made me laugh because I can picture my husband jumping up and down on the log hoping it would just break already!

Don Watson said Yes, the pulk does present challenges when there is terrain, but for most of the time the pulk’s ability to carry the bulky stuff that winter camping entails, along with your pack makes, it a great tool for hauling gear during the winter. The pulk is also easier to use than a toboggan whenever there are hills and broken country. Both have their place and even if you have to stop and put your pack on your back when obstacles hinder the pulk, it is still worth it, the same as having to portage a canoe and gear in the summer.


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