More Group Photos

We know how to beat a good topic to death.  We have demonstrated our good (here and here) and botched group photos (here, here and here).  But we aren’t done yet; no siree.  The famous group shot is too important.

On our day trip to the Kane Mountain Fire Tower we climbed to new heights without first begging the question…”Is anyone scared of heights?” Click here for pictures from this trip.

Afterwards we posed for a group shot set up by Mark.  Below Matt and Jim try to convince Skip to participate in their prank.  Jim displays the intended holding technique.


Mark turns on the automatic timer, sprints to the group shot and gets flipped into a horizontal pose.


No one got dropped on their head.  It was all in fun.  So lets do one more, seriously.


Skip, Jim, Matt & Mark with their game faces on.


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