Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Winter


The Appalachian National Scenic Trail stretches 2,178 miles from Maine to Georgia,  and each summer thousands of backpackers flock to it to hike some or all of it.  Few try hiking it during the winter.

Britain’s Chris West and his friend, Dan, report on their three day hike of a portion of the AT trail in Connecticut.  As inexperienced winter trekkers they struggled with:

– maintaining the proper level of layers while hiking
– a lack of insulation under their sleeping bags
– mice in the lean-to
– snow and ice obscured trail markers
– trying to hike 8-12 miles/day

You can read their article here.

An article by David Miller focuses winter night hiking of the AT and includes three nice pictures.  Faced with a long 18 mile hike and a pending snowstorm David and his hiking partner, Corey, decide to awaken at midnight and start walking.  The story revolves around their night in lean-to prior to their hike out.


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