11th Annual Winter Camping Symposium

The 11th  Midwest Winter Camping Symposium will be held at Camp Iduhapi, in the Minneapolis, MN area October 23-25.  The event will  feature winter outdoor camping films, skills presentations,work shops, winter tent tour, cooking demonstrations, equipment discussion, and equipment swap. At last year’s event at Ely, MN there were 200+ attending with over 30 winter tents on display.

Thisprogram that has been going on for over 10 years and a great place to learn and share information and exchange equipment with experienced winter campers.

This event will be held October 23-25, and the venue is Camp Iduhapi, Minneapolis, MN.

Registration:  begins on Friday  Oct. 23rd  at 3:00 PM with tent set-up anytime on Friday after 3 and pack-up by Sunday 12:00

Fees: Early registration $10/person closes Oct 16th for planning needs. At event $15/person. Covers cost of all events for entire week-end. $20/family includes kids. $25 at door
$5 students over 12 yrs old
Kids under 12 free as part of group
Tent fee of $10 includes showers and firewood
Cabins (2, mans/woman’s $5/night holds 10 people)
Vendor display fee of addition $25 with no charge to any person give presentation. Tables will be provided. ECW is running the gear swap and the vendor area. Drop a line if you need help.

Meals are:  Breakfast: $5.50 | Lunch: $7.75 | Dinner: $7.75 | Coffee will be available all day at no charge

Symposium highlights:
1.        2 Evening film presentations on winter outdoor activity
2.       Skills presentations on winter camping
3.       Workshops on building winter equipment
4.       Winter tent tour and discussion
5.       Winter cooking demo’s and possible cook-off
6.       Winter equipment discussion on both cold and hot tent camping
7.       Equipment swap
8.       Travel log of dream winter trips
9.       Evening campfires
10.   Great learning experience and place to meet experienced winter campers


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