Outside Magazine’s Winter 2009 Winter Camping Gear Picks

I think I know how this game is played.  A lot of magazines get purchased by people like me who want to be aware of new, nifty gear.  Magazines get a lot of revenue from advertisers who want to convince smucks like me to buy their gear.  Authors of “Gear Review” articles may provide solid recommendations, but they also have to spread their recommendations around across the advertising base.  So they pick something from each of the  submissions by their advertisers to appease those who pay the bills.

Outside Magazine’s 2009 Winter Camping Gear: Essentials feels that way.   It feels overly expensive ($2,412 worth of ‘essential’ gear!).  It misses out on essential items like transportation, (snowshoes or backcountry skis), base clothing, cooking  equipment.

The list recommends an avalanche shovel for digging a snow shelter and a bivy for sleeping in the shelter, but also a $500 tent.  One or the other guys!  I would love to have a Granite Gear Pulk Sled to play with, but I am not sure I would declare it essential equipment for winter camping.

Outside Mag Winter Camping Gear Table


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