Making the Switch to Cold Weather Camping

Tom Watson has an article on listing ten inexpensive ways to convert to cold weather camping.

Layers of clothing – For colder weather, simply add layers or increase the bulk of those worn in cold weather.

Cover your extremities –  As the season cools down, carrying gloves and a hat/cap/hood and keeping your feet dry and warm by wearing wool socks.

Go with the foam – consider a foam or closed-cell pads to provide a warming layer between you and the ground.

Sleeping bag liner – add warmth to a sleeping bag is to include a liner that fits inside your regular bag.

Added ground cloth – extend your sleeping bag’s warming efficiency by using a heat-reflecting ground cloth as the first layer upon which you sleep.

Insulator cooler – to keep food items from freezing during winter camps.

Lights, lanterns and lamps – Remember your headlamp for close-up food preparation or reading.

Build the right kind of fire – A tepee fire, log-cabin or pyramid fire or reflector fire each have specific merits and purpose.

Keep Hydrated – to offset the loss of water through perspiration. Use hot drinks to warm your core and stowa water bottle under several layers of clothing to keep it from freezing.

Keep fueled and energized – You need calories to burn in the winter and may want prepare one-pot meals rather than keeping separate courses warm.

Read the full article here.


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