MidWest Mountaineering Winter Camping Clinics

Midwest Mountaineering has a comprehensive calendar of clinics and programs offerred in the Minneapolis, MN area.  Two upcoming sessions focus on the basics of winter camping and travelling, campsite selection, and shelter alternatives.  The full calendar can be seen here.

Winter Camping: The Basics
Don’t let cold weather stop you from traveling outdoors for half the year.  Learning how to camp comfortably in the winter will allow you to see a whole new world.  Please join Bear Paulsen for an evening of learning about how to stay warm in the cold.  He’ll cover how to dress, different clothing strategies and share tips and tricks from hundreds of nights of winter camping. He’ll also discuss food, water and give some basic safety information. (Monday, October 26)

Winter Camping: Traveling
This clinic is for those that have already attended Winter Camping: The Basics or those who have winter camped a few times and are looking to expand their knowledge.  Bear Paulsen will discuss choosing a campsite, shelter options and the all important – how to sleep comfortably through the long winter nights.  He’ll cover winter travel from backpacking on foot to pulling a pulk sled through the BWCA.  Sled design and ice travel will also be touched on. (Thursday, October 29)


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