Compass Skills


The main functions of using a compass are:

– to tell which direction you are traveling – your heading
– to tell which direction an object is from you – its bearing
– to keep you following a straight line of travel
– to help orient a map and align it with the actual land
– to perform triangulation and determine your exact location on a map
– to plan routes and determine directions and distances of  travel

I found a great site called Compass Dude with information about reading a compass.  The site covers

– Compass skills including Reading a Compass and Using a Compass
– Map Skills including How to Read a Map, Understanding Map Scales, Map Symbols and How to Read Topographic Maps
– Using a Map and Compass together including Understanding Latitude and Longitude, Compass Declination, How to Read a Heading, Orienting a Map, Performing Triangulation, Plotting a Route and Pacing
– and finally, Finding Direction with No Compass


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