The Poo Project – A Solution for Winter Poo

What to do our human waste in the winter? In spring, the poo, once hidden from view, becomes exposed and soon contaminates nearby waterways.

A couple of years ago the Cairngorm’s National Park in Scotland developed a rather elegant solution to the problem of  frozen feces.

Although by no means an unique idea, the Poo Project provides snow campers with special water/air tight containers, and biodegradable plastic poo bags.

The Poo Project was setup two years ago with the aim of reducing the amount of human waste  by carrying waste back in special pots and bags and which is treated at the sewage treatment plant at Cairngorm.  The pots are reusable, water tight and air tight containers which come with a carry case. The Poo bags  are made from corn starch and will breakup once in our treatment facility.

After picking them up from the Cairngorm ranger’s station, the user takes the bags and tube up into the wintery wilds. When the urge requires them to vacate their bowels, they do this into the bags. These are tied shut and stowed in the tube. When coming off the mountain, the user simply drops the bags into the the car-park’s clearly marked Poo Chute. This deposits them into the park’s sewage system. The tube is thrown into a sterilizing barrel next to the chute. The tube is cleaned, so other users can take it into the hills.

Many other national parks around the globe require commercial operators to adhere to very similar principles, when leading paying customers into the mountains. What makes Scotland’s Poo Project so different, is it’s a service provided to the general public for free.

More information is available here.

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