SnowWalker Rendevous Report

TJamrog has a three part report on the SnowWalker Rendevous held Nov. 13-15  in Fairlee, Vermont at  Hulbert Outdoor Center.  There were  100 winter campers and lots of sessions.

Part I – Introduction and his trip over.

Part II – Details on the sessions TJamrog attended including Bill Fitzhugh’s “ The Archeology of Forgotten Labrador”, Lynn Fitzhugh  background information about a historical novel that she is researching,  Scott McCormack’s slide show/ talk about his 21 day winter snowshoeing/toboggan haul through the Menehek Hills in Labrador, Mark Kutolowski’s demonstration : Making Pemmican-The Ultimate trail Food, Garrett Conover’s “Winter Navigation and Map Strategy”, Katherine Suboch’s “Cold Camping On Baffin Island” and Dave Freeman, who made two plastic sleds, borrowed a huge malamute from a friend, then hooked up himself and the dog to the two sleds and proceeded to spend a couple of months walking along the US. Canada border in Northern Minnesota in the middle of the winter.

Part III – Tjamrog helped Don Kivelusat from Four Dog Stoves run a make-your-own stove workshop.

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