Good Luck Winter Camping at Goodluck Mountain

Matt, Mark, Sparky, Chris, Dan and Todd set their sights on Good Luck Mtn for some phenomenal views under a bright blue sky. Upon returning to camp the crew builds the a snowman in honor of Rob before settling into the tipi under a clear cold sky.  All viewable here.

Winter camping at Goodluck Mtn


4 comments to Good Luck Winter Camping at Goodluck Mountain

  • rod smith

    found you guys while web surfing a few months ago. I was a scout , one merit badge,(first aid) , have been camping since 5th grade with my brothers and next door friends. first real backpacking was ‘freeze-out’ 7 below that night, with only sears rectanguler and two army blankets, “COLD” wish I could get back into it. and like yourphoto story

  • You guys rock! It’s a battle, both physically and mentally. I could feel the cold breezing air hitting your bodies. Good fighting spirit guys.. keep it up..

  • suzanne bjorge

    not sure how this works…will do a trial first.

  • suzanne bjorge

    cool. it works. love this site. pretty funny. what area of the AT south of dalton mass would people out there recommend? i’d like to do two 2-3 nighters. i did mt. k to dalton in 08…stopped due to injury. have built an igloo and stayed overnights here in colorado this winter…i think i’d enjoy a few days on the AT during winter. didn’t know if this would be a good forum to get info. thanks