Ten Essential Outdoor Survival Items

WinterCampers.com has it’s own list of the 10 Essentials to be included in your backpack or daypack.  Wired magazine published their list of 10 Essential Outdoor Survival Items.  The table below depicts the difference between Wired’s list and WinterCampers.com.  Clearly, Wired does not place a premium on navigation as they do not include a map or compass on their list.  I suppose the trash bag could double as rain gear.

What do you think?  What would you include/leave behind?

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2 comments to Ten Essential Outdoor Survival Items

  • How about extra clothing? At least an extra pair of gloves might be in order. How about an extra scarf or two? I’d be worried most about my hands and feet getting cold and not being able to keep them sufficiently warm.

  • My first comment attempt may not have gone through, so here goes again. I’d be worried about keeping hands and feet sufficiently warm, so I’d be sure to have extra gloves and scarves.