Snowshoe Magazine’s Snowshoeing 101

Snowshoe Magazine is located in Denver, Colorado and promotes the growth of the sport of snowshoeing by bringing snowshoeing to a mainstream audience, plucking people from their couches and placing them in snowshoes, and providing a reliable resource.  They provide PDFs of how-to articles and trail reviews.  A useful article to check out is Snowshoeing 101: Techniques With a Short Learning Curve By Jim Joque.

Jim’s article states “When it comes to learning to snowshoe, the basics are all you need to get started.”  According to snowshoe author Phil Savignano, “One of the greatest aspects of snowshoeing is that the learning curve is so short.”  Topics covered in the article include:

  • Getting up and turning around
  • Stride and breaking trail
  • Stamping and edging
  • Ascending
  • Traversing and Switchbacking
  • Descending
  • Recommended Reading on Snowshoeing Techniques


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