A new generation of winter campers

Just this past Saturday (3/6/10), the Sons of Sparky (Adam & Kyle)  ventured out on an overnight trip to John Pond with a friend. This was their first winter trip and all 3 came home loving it.
This might be because they did haul in some firewood on a sled. It might be because they had some good advise from Winercampers.com and their dad.
The only thing underestimated was the weight of a backpack loaded with gear while walking through snow.
As their dad, I am proud of them to even attempt such a feat considering I can’t get them to walk a mile with the dog and myself. I am just sorry that they did not take photos.  Sparky


1 comment to A new generation of winter campers

  • kyle

    well with all the great advice from my dad not once was a camera mentioned in the packing process but the weather was great until the sun went down but with the great advice from my dad sparky i was nice and toasty.
    p.s i did not buy the wood that was the other son.