Books: How To Do Winter Camping

There are a number of resources that one can read to get “How-To” advice to help get you started winter camping or just pick up some additional tips.

Online resources include:


  • Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book (Falcon Guides Backcountry Skiing) by Allen O’Bannon
  • Backcountry Skier by Jean Vives
  • Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Recognition and Pre-Hospital Treatment by James A. Wilkerson
  • NOLS Winter Camping by Buck Tilton
  • Okpik: Cold-Weather Camping
  • Paradise Below Zero: The Classic Guide to Winter Camping (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book Series) by Calvin Rutstrum
  • Secrets of Warmth for Comfort or Survival by Hal Weiss
  • Snow Caves for Fun and Survival by Ernest Wilkinson
  • Snow Walker’s Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North by Garrett & Alexandra Conover
  • Surviving Cold Weather: Simply Survival (Greg Davenport’s Books for the Wilderness) by Gregory J. Davenport
  • The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation by Nat Brown
  • The Outward Bound Staying Warm in the Outdoors Handbook by Glenn Randall
  • Winter Backpacking: A Guide to Warm and Safe Winter Camping and Day Trips by Ben Shillington
  • Winter Camping, 2nd by Stephen Gorman
  • Winter Hiking & Camping: Managing Cold for Comfort & Safety (Backpacker) by Michael L. Lanza

Do you have suggestions on resources that winter campers might want to consult?


3 comments to Books: How To Do Winter Camping

  • Hi,I just found your site – very interesting. I was referred by a group who had been introduced to winter camping by you. They contacted us about a dog sledding trip in Algonquin Park in Ontario. They thought your visitors might also be interested in our cook book – Camp Cooking – The Black Feather Guide. see . Thanks, Fred

  • Ben_shillington

    Hey guys, great site!! looking forward to contributing to some of your blog conversations. Please check out my book “Winter Backpacking” by Ben Shillington. If anyone is interested in reading some logs and checking out some photos from the 300km ski trek I just completed crossing the Norther basin of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada you can find them at my new website and look under expeditions. Please email me if you have any questions or looking for any advise on winter camping!!