Winter Camping Follows The Summer Solstice

With a tip of the hat to  Harv at the NY Ski blog, the summer solstice gets us thinking about the winter camping season.  For me, these are the milestones that mark the progression to winter camping:

  • Summer Solstice. We have already turned the corner on summer and the days start to get shorter
  • July 21.  The northern hemisphere begins to cool
  • Labor Day. This is the unofficial end of summer.  The kids return to school and it starts feels cooler.  Frost is imminent.
  • September 21.  Official demarcation of  Fall
  • November 1. Winter Camping pre-season. November is the time one is most likely to convince summer campers to try extending their skills to another season.
  • December  21.  Start of calendar Winter
  • Martin Luther King Weekend in mid-January. A nice three day weekend that is traditionally conducive to a winter camp-out.
  • Presidents Week.  Teachers go winter camping mid-week.  Almost guaranteed to have the winter woods to yourselves.
  • March 1.  Ideal winter camping conditions; moderate temperatures, more daylight, and adequate snow cover.
  • April 1. Technically not winter camping any more, but you can still set your tent up on a snow bank if you look for them.


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