Articles on Winter Camping

2026 has published a article on the basics of winter camping.  The article approaches essential items of gear from a  how it prevents your body from losing heat through evaporative,  convective, radiant and conductive heat loss.  The discussion covers standard winter-camping gear,  clothing  layers, sleeping bag, pad, and tent  to help combat these four types of cooling.   Access the article here – Winter Camping 101 or here.

David Johnson from Utah Adventurer has a nice article “Enjoy the Solitude Only Offered by the Frozen Outdoors”.  He captures the essence of winter camping.  “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the only person on the Earth?  Some people may ask what would it be like if only a handful of people were left on the planet? You can get close to that answer by going camping during the winter.  As a matter of fact, you may even get the tingle that you are the only living thing on Earth. Sometimes when you are just sitting in a snow-filled valley miles away from civilization, it becomes so quiet you can hear snowflakes hit the ground. Few people will brave sub-zero temperatures for a chance to get away from the hustle of big cities to experience the solace that winter camping has to offer.  Camping in the winter is an amazing experience. Like summer camping it can affect you in many ways. You may feel renewed, relaxed and scared. Unlike warm-weather camping, it isn’t something that you can just do with minimal experience, knowledge or preparation. Winter camping has significantly greater consequences and challenges.  First, and foremost, is experience. Getting lost in the summer isn’t too bad. Many people are out and most of the trails are frequently traveled. In the summer, you have warmth and are less likely to have to provide warmth for survival.

David goes on to talk about essential gear and concludes with some winter camping tips.  Read it here or here.



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