Do you camp with your dog?

I have gone winter camping with other members that bring their dogs. The dog carried some of his own food and slept in the lean-to at night.

To date I haven’t brought our dog winter camping even though as a Bernese Mountain Dog he would seem well suited for an overnight in the cold.  Our dog, Trey, went on numerous snowshoeing and skiing day hikes during the winter.

What do you think about taking a dog winter camping?

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2 comments to Do you camp with your dog?

  • Christy

    I am an outdoor enthusiaist and love to sneak away to camp whenever I can. Basically due to work and family obligations going to far away has been difficult to manage but have been happy with local weekened and occasional week camping excursions. I am interested in learning/experiencing winter camping. I would probably start small and simple say one or two nights and build myself up in experience and knowledge to assure valuable saffety lessons and abilities. M budget is not too extravagent but not too bad right now either can you offer me some winter camping equipment suggestions say for two to three night stays? tent, sleeping bag, clothing etc equipment ideas as well as backpack suggestions for a short say 5ft tall female? The backback question always stumps everyone!! Thank you!!!!! Would love to stay in touch with your groups!

  • Katie

    You have a Bernese Mountain Dog that you don’t take winter camping?! I grew up with a Berner and they are the best dogs ever. I don’t think there is any reason you should not take this dog camping. First, be selfish, imagine how nice it would be to have that fuzzy heater in the tent with you. Second, Berner’s are made to be in cold temperatures. I have a small black lab now that comes on every one of my winter adventures. I use one of my old fleece vests for her to help keep her warm and bring an extra blanket or two. I don’t really think this would be necessary for your pup as he has plenty of his own insulation, but if you’re worried it would bring peace of mind. Also, since dogs lose most of there heat from there paws you might consider investing in some booties for him. It will keep ice out of his paws and also keep him warmer. Make sure you bring water, and provide it to him often. Unlike in the summer, the water sources they mind find on there own could be frozen over. Also bring extra food for him, cuz just like you he will be buring more calories and will want the extra food to stay warm. Let him stay in the shelter why you are cooking etc so he dosen’t have to lay in the snow, and make sure you get as much snow off of him as possible before he goes in so you don’t have to deal with melted snow making everything wet.
    Thats all i can think about right now, if you have any questions let me know.