Cold in this week’s weather forecast

From   A blast of fresh cold air will have residents from the northern Rockies to the Northeast shivering at some point this week. The cold air will first dive into the northern Rockies on Tuesday. The cold will not only hold temperatures well below Monday’s highs, but will allow a significant snowstorm to unfold. While the snowstorm will dwindle over the nation’s midsection on Wednesday the same cannot be said for the cold blast. The chilly air will take up residence over the northern and central Plains on Wednesday. The cold will continue to advance eastward Thursday into Friday, gripping the Midwest and Northeast. All across the northern tier of the United States, the chilly air will get ushered in by brisk winds.

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1 comment to Cold in this week’s weather forecast

  • Red5

    Nice site! I stumbled across it as I’m preparing for our first winter outing here in MN the day after Turkey-Day. I will returning to visit your site often.
    I sleep in a hammock for our winter trips. A slumberjack sleeping pad, then my 20F bag wrapped entirely by a fleece blanket has always been warmer than any tent camping I’ve done in the winter. Your results may vary…
    happy camping..