Tall Clothes for Winter Camping

Being 6’4” with a 37” sleeve length it has been difficult to find off the shelf outdoor attire that fits and performs. I got my parka after seeing how well it fit my taller nephew.  The burnt orange color was on sale.  I guess it provides high visibility if we fell off the dog sled and were laying in the snow awaiting rescue.

At 6’5″ and 6’4″ respectively, Matt and I both have to buy tall clothing.  There is a paucity of vendors that sell quality outdoor gear in truly tall sizes.

Patagoni doesn’t stock tall sizes anymore although I have a R1 Hoody that is one of one of my stock winter camping clothing items.  The pullover has a long hem with raglan sleeves.  The sleeves have thumb holes and the length is adequate if you aren’t trying to wear the sleeves as mittens.

In my opinion  REI’s interpretation of tall leaves a lot to be desired. REI interprets tall as 2″ longer in the body, 1.5″ longer in sleeve length, 2.5″ longer in inseam, and 1″ longer in the total rise.

I have had good luck getting outdoor gear through LLBean. I have long underwear, several fleece jackets and one pair of wool pants from LL Bean that fit tall.

Beyond Clothing (previously known as Beyond Fleece) specializes in custom-made garments.  I have a Beyond Fleece/ Beyond Clothing soft shell jacket  (reviewed here).  Soft shell jackets bridge the gap between a hard shell and an insulation layer.  Soft shells are more breathable than hard shells, offer moderate wind and water resistance, and provide a thin layer of insulation. On the downside soft shells aren’t 100% waterproof although most soft shells will keep you dry is moderate to light rain. My nephews have wind shirts and pants that were custom fit items from Beyond Clothing.

I haven’t ordered anything from First Ascent which is a collaboration between Eddie Bauer and Whittaker Mountaineering offering ‘guide quality’ gear. The company is trying to separate its well-known Eddie Bauer brand —  associated with more casual, semi-performance clothing — from the new technical line.  These clothes include several items in tall sizes.

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  • Matt

    At 6’6″ I also suffer the same dilemma. I’m still on the lookout for proper fittings, but I have had success with Cabelas and L.L. Bean as well. I find it most difficult to find technical gear that actually fits people with long torsos. Pants are not that difficult to find, but finding tops proves challenging. Columbia has been making strides in the tall department as well. Thanks for the heads-up on Beyond Clothing – I never heard of them.