Make Your Next Winter Camping Trip More Enjoyable!

Hard to believe, it sounds a bit odd, really – tips for making your next winter camping trip more enjoyable? Isn’t that the reason you are going winter camping in the first place – to have fun doing something you love?  Here’s a list to help you be sure you’re getting the most out of your winter camping experience!

Be Prepared.  Know what your trip will involve in advance.  Research your route and any restrictions, be aware of potential campsites, know the weather forecast will be, have the right gear and allow enough time.

Research Points of Interest. You’re hiking along, happy as a lark – oblivious to the fact that you’ve just passed a side trail leading to the an exposed outlook,  frozen waterfall or old growth white pine trees. Read up on the area you’ll be hiking through before your trip, instead of regretting what you missed once you get home.

Bring Something To Do.  Keep boredom at bay by bringing some sort of “luxury” item – whatever it is that you enjoy doing, and is small enough to bring along.

  • Book – Bring a book that that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Seal it in a closed plastic bag.
  • Journal – Document your hiking trip. It’s fun to look back and relive your hiking experiences. You might use it to measure your progress or mileage over the years, to keep a log of the pictures you take, or to track how much food you use so that you can lighten your load on the next trip.
  • Games – Many games are available in small travel-sized editions; options include a deck of cards, dice, or games made for backpacking.
  • Instrument – Pass the time with your recorder or harmonica. Learn an instrument or perfect your talents, and amuse your hiking group while you’re at it.
  • Sketchbook – Keep a sketch journal to document the landscapes and fellow campers; leave the camera at home!

Make Meal Time an Event. Bring some good food – real food. There isn’t much you think about more when hiking than what you’re going to have for supper. Take some extra spices, fresh fruit or vegetables, hardy meats (like pepperoni or summer sausage) and cheeses.  Try making something new.

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