A Round-up of Links Relevant to Winter Camping

Everything you need to know about the winter solstice this 21 December 2011

The Cold Patrol- the world’s only military dogsled team.

How To: Pitch a Tent on Snow.  A backpacker video.

Skiing Yellowstone With Igloo Ed.  A ski tour through extraordinary scenery.

Adirondack Avalanches.  Two thirds of the avalanches in the Adirondacks were human-triggered and of those nearly 18 percent resulted in injuries or death. Furthermore, twelve out of twenty-two events were triggered by climbers or skiers ascending an obvious avalanche-prone slope from the bottom.

Five Reasons to Love Winter Hiking.  Hiking in the winter is more challenging and dangerous than any other season so it makes sense that many hikers consider it the off-season. However, if you have the right gear and knowledge then a winter hike can be one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. Hopefully these five reasons helped convince you to embrace the winter.

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