You might be a winter camper if….

You don’t find the word crampon funny… or maybe you do.



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  • Lyman

    you have put a hot water bottle into or cooked your frozen boots over a stove in order to get your feet into them.
    you have put beer into a cooler so it wouldn’t freeze.
    you have ever defrosted a beer on a campfire and tried to enjoy that smoked beer taste.
    you were the only one to think about breaking out the leaf blower when that neighborhood bonfire was stymied by the recent rain and the gas fiends were all done
    you are the type who worries about sweating when it is 10 degrees outside.
    you hear a brutal weather report and the idea to sleep outside and test some equipment rolls thru your mind.
    you have ever slept with a rock or brick or hot water bottle and were born after 1878 to parents with has a steady homesite.

    that was fun, great site!
    lyman, NC, where winter camping is, well… a lot colder than summer camping. one day we’ll get up into something approaching chilly