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I merged  pictures from our winter camping trip to Dead Vly with Walt Michael’s hammer dulcimer tune “Hawks and Eagles” using PhotoStory for Windows.  Matt did one of these last year and I liked the results.  I didn’t do as much panning in the photos and the photos move by fast (5 seconds or less) because I had a lot of pictures and the music was fast paced. The process was pretty straight forward and is another way to view the trip.

Basically it shows us hiking in, setting up tents (and bivys), getting wood, sitting around the fire and the snow fall on the tents (and bivy) at night.

A broadband connection is recommended. at Dead Vly

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  • Brad Boyd

    Really Glad I found your site, though I don’t remember how. We’ve been taking 1-3 winter trips to the ADKs for about 25 years. Gets a bit harder and we seem to see fewer people (including our group) every year too, even though we stay closer to cars each year and put more emphasis on having ‘fun’.

    Now looking at tipis, small wall tents and wood stoves, been using orange sleds, thinking its time for real pulks…more $$$. New gear while the old gear wears out from disuse!

    Glad to see how much fun you all are having and looking forward to checking in again.

    Old Saybrook, CT