featured in USAToday – 7 years ago

USAToday used to run a weekly column entitled “Hot Sites” and was one of the three featured sites for this week in 2005. Here’s what they had to say along with a thumbnail photo from a 2002.12 trip to John Pond.


Enter the world of outdoor enthusiasts that would rather battle sub-zero temperatures than mosquitoes. chronicles the travels of these too-cool adventurers, with logs and photos of their winter camping trips. The site has gear reviews and features ideas (such as cooking meals in a zip-lock bag), a camping application for entry into the group and a funny winter camping poem. Informative and humorous, you’ll be motivated either for an adventure or a good laugh. — MB”

Due to the national exposure our web traffic shot up tremendously that week and boating on frozen ponds experienced a brief resurgence.

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