Individual Camping Items

If you find it inconvenient to troll the local grocery or pharmacy looking for individual items of food and/or personal care you can now order them online while planning your next winter camping trip.

HomeCollageSmall touts themselves as “The World Leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized.”  Their web site offers beverages, domestics, food, personal care, pharmacy and kid/care items in packages sized for travel, camping, office, home or car.

For example, their food items include cereal, condiments, sauces, jellies, salad dressings and kosher items. Their personal care items include travel size shampoos including specialty items like No Rinse Shampoo for people camping and backpacking who may not have easy access to running water; soaps, body washes, hand cleansers, Tush Wipes, toothpaste and sunscreen.

Free shipping on orders above $20.

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