At what point will this %$# log break?

Chris Palmer saws wood on last weekend’s trip to Cascade Pond. It is fun to watch people saw; especially as they get tired.


There gets to be a point when they think they have sawed enough to just kick the log and break it or drop it.

Chris Palmer stomping on a log to break it.


Usually this leads to a frustrated look and makes you continue sawing some more until you get a little further through the log.


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2 comments to At what point will this %$# log break?

  • Hi Jim:
    You left a comment on my blog regarding using some of my photos for your website. Feel free to use them (my husband will be so excited!). In regards to linking to my blog, it would be great, but I doubt your readers would find much interest. As much fun as our snow camping trip was, it probably will happen but once a year.
    I’m passing your website onto my husband, though. He’ll love all of the information you provide!
    Tammy D.
    ps. Love the photos in this post…made me laugh because I can picture my husband jumping up and down on the log hoping it would just break already!

  • Muller_Jim

    Well, it is great picture of your daughters in the snow. Check it out on the blog.